Integrated Marketing

In order to get your message out a company has to spread it self over a greater variety of media. Remedi will collaborate with you to plan and implement a comprehensive and cost effective marketing strategy. Our services could include research, marketing plan development, brand development and brand strategy, corporate identity development, web and e-commerce planning and implementation.


What type of website does your company need to achieve its goals? Remedi can design and develop the site that is right for your business and budget. We can create the proactive marketing site, application intensive site and data-based content managed site that will grow your business.
Remedi knows there is more to your marketing/communication than bytes on a screen. Remedi will help you plan and print many of the more deliberate pieces that are part of your communication effort. Our experience includes facility brochures, corporate brochures, direct mail, catalogs and media kits.
You want your visitor to explore and take control of their experience for the sake of time and interest. Remedi can create the engaging, tour presentations, kiosk experience or take-away CD that will WOW your customer.
Animation will help explain and emphasize what you want your viewer to see. With such short attention spans: more can be said with motion.
Like interactive but deeper, immersive design and development allows your viewer to go further into the communication—the message. Visitors can learn, play, create and explore. Remedi can build the CBT, games and adventure inventory applications that will immerse your visitor into the message.
In-depth optimization is essential for competitive placement on search engine results pages. From basic to complex optimization needs Remedi can help get you to the top.
Email Marketing
Proactive e-mail Blasts and Newsletters will keep your customers engaged. Remedi can set you up or manage your organization's e-mail effort.
Internet Advertising & Marketing
To really get the clicks Remedi can set up and manage your pay-per-click advertising on Google Ad Words & Facebook. 85% of all searches on the web are executed on Google. Facebook advertising is a tailored approach to your target audience.
Remedi is proficient in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Wordpress plus many more industry specific social networking and publishing trends. Remedi will set up, train and manage content to keep your fans/readers informed.
Remedi's hosting and maintenance packages are very competitive. Our low cost, quick service frees you up to concentrate on your business. From intranet, secure extranets and email hosting, Remedi can set you up and maintain what is right for your organization.
Content Development
Writing, editing & photography are the reasons visitors stay on your site—they want to know more. Your message must be quick and to the point to keep your audience's attention. Half the battle is just getting started. Let Remedi help get the word out.
Branding & Logo
Revamping a tired icon or going for a new look to match your mood, we can design the right logo and/or iconography your website and company is seeking.